What to Put in Your First Sewing Kit

Sewing can be both a great way to showcase creativity and an effective way to save money. To make the most of your sewing projects, it’s important to have the right supplies. Taking the time to put together some basic tools in a convenient sewing kit will make your next project stress-free.

Sewing Kit

1. Buy a sewing basket, toolbox, or another easily-closed container to place your items in. Old cookie tins make an excellent storage for simple kits while stories like Joann’s and Michael’s sell organizers with a lot of compartments for avid sewers.

2. Get thread in white, black, navy blue, brown, and beige. These will cover the majority of your home repair needs. Only get other colors as required by specific projects.

3. Purchase a set of sewing needles from a craft story in a variety of sizes. Larger needles are great for thick wovens while you’ll want to stick to small needles when dealing with delicate fabric.

4. Seam rippers are great for alterations or fixing mistakes.

5. Invest in a good pair of large sewing shears to make projects run more smoothly. Make sure they are dedicated fabric scissors as cutting paper will dull them. Don’t be afraid to invest $20-$30 on a good pair of shears. A well-made sharp pair will last you decades and save you hours of stress you’d have if you tried to use a dull pair.

6. A smaller pair of embroidery scissors are essential for cutting threads or snipping other small areas.

7. If you plan on working with a lot of raw fabric, invest in a good rotary cutter. Again, this may run you over $20, but it is well worth it to splurge on a good cutter.

8. A pin cushion and a variety of pins are nearly impossible to get by without. Some cushions come with wristbands, allowing you to conveniently have your pins with you while you move around.

9. Tailor’s chalk lets you mark fabric temporarily.

10. An easy-to-read tape measure will come in handy for taking body measurements. Yard sticks are better when you need to make a straight line, however.

11. Safety pins are great for those times when you don’t have time to sew.

12. Basic shirt buttons are sold in a variety of colors and great to have on hand.

You can add more supplies as your needs expand. Hemming tape, Stitch Witchery, stain removers, and other supplies and notions are nice extras, but with these basic supplies you can complete a good amount of basic home projects.

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