How to Start a Sewing Hobby to Save Money

Do you panic when a button falls off your clothes, or you discover a small tear? If you ever discarded those garments in the past, now it might not be wise in these bad economic times. We will show how you may start a sewing hobby to save money. If you ever considered sewing as a hobby, now it may be the time to learn and save money for your family, in the process.

My sewing hobby has helped our family and other relatives save a lot of money by allowing them to hang on to their clothes after I repaired them. Years ago, I learned to use this art of sewing, during some personal bad economic times. Now, this sewing hobby helps me to save money, because I do not have much disposable income, and every cent saved helps to put more food on our table.

You too can start saving money just by learning how to sew a button that fell off from one of your garment, or to sew a small tear. After you learn the basics, then later on, if you want, you may try more intricate sewing projects. These are some of the basic starter items that you might need for this sewing hobby.

Family Member or Friend: If you have a family member or friend that knows how to sew, you might ask if you can watch them as they are working at this hobby. It is also a good idea to have them teach you some basic sewing stitches while you are with them.

Sewing Book: If you do not know anybody in your family or among your friends that sew, then, you need to find some instructions. A quick search of your local library, Internet, or a local bookstore will probably show you the basic information needed for this sewing hobby.

Sewing Kit: To help me and to continue my sewing hobby, my wife recently presented me with a nice Christmas gift. This was a nice gift of a complete mini sewing kit. It contained everything needed for my sewing hobby. The sewing kit included an assortment of needles, a nice variety of small spools of thread in assorted colors, a mini folding pair of scissors, etc. If you do not have a sewing kit, you only need some good quality needles, some spools of thread, a thimble to protect your finger as you sew, and a pair of scissors.

Portable Sewing Machine: A sewing machine is not really necessary at the beginning of your sewing hobby. However, I was very grateful to my senior citizen father-in-law for giving me this portable sewing machine, which he did not want any longer. Without his help I would not have been able to purchase one due to my limited budget. After reading the instruction booklet, I used this sewing machine to save time, when more involved alterations were needed on pants, dresses or shirts.

I hope that I was able to make you benefit from this small introduction to my sewing hobby, which may allow you to also save money in the future.

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